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Conference Speakers Bios

Gus Vargas

Gustavo Vargas is President and CEO of Promedical, Inc, a provider of high-quality medical equipment and services. Promedical, Inc. is a principal supplier to multiple hospital systems within the state of North Carolina, as well as both a domestic and international wholesale distributor. Mr. Vargas is highly respected within the medical equipment community, as well as professional organizations. His skill set and knowledge of medical equipment is impressive and highly sought after by both hospitals and medical equipment companies. His expertise and accomplishments are evident through his many years of professional development in both the business and clinical healthcare settings.


Jeff Wertz

Jeff has over 11 years of healthcare experience developing, implementing, and selling technology to hospitals, ASCs and private practices throughout the country. He currently serves as Chief Commercial Officer at Surgio Health where he partners with health systems to design and deliver innovative modern technology and data to improve surgical logistics. Jeff spent his early years as a medical device representative supporting surgeons and hospitals in orthopedic trauma and extremities procedures. He is passionate about drawing on this experience to apply novel technology solutions that better address and inform the needs of all stakeholders.

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Rick Dandrow Headshot.jpg

Rick Dandrow

Rick has 30 years of experience with the direct management and program development of complex water and steam distribution systems in the built environment. Since joining Phigenics in May of 2011, Rick has predominantly worked within the healthcare industry.

Developing Water Management Programs for large enterprise healthcare networks and individual independent regional hospitals. The development of these programs was often a result of a safety concern. Currently, Rick oversees product development for non-potable water systems. Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) is one of his primary focuses.

Scotty Jones

Scotty Jones is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the surgical industry. As the Founder/CEO of Sterile Geeks VR and pioneer of STEAMVision, he is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare technology. With a background as a surgical technologist for 15 years, medical device consultant, and surgical instrument repair consultant, Mr. Jones offers a comprehensive understanding of the industry from various perspectives. As an honorably discharged Service-Disabled Veteran of the US Air Force, he embodies a strong commitment to excellence, discipline, and perseverance. As an honorably discharged Service-Disabled Veteran of the US Air Force, he embodies a solid commitment to excellence, discipline, and perseverance. With his expertise in both healthcare and technology, Mr. Jones is dedicated to revolutionizing the sterile processing industry and improving patient outcomes through innovative solutions. 

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Jake McHugh Headshot.jpg

Jake McHugh

Jake McHugh serves as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Sterile Geeks VR team. With over 15 years of experience in the sterile processing industry, Mr. McHugh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. His extensive background includes various positions, such as Tracking System Coordinator, Instrument Specialist/Educator, Instrument Processing Interim-Supervisor, and Instrument Processing Technician. Additionally, Mr. McHugh has also served as an instructor of Instrument Processing, making significant contributions as an educational influencer in the industry. His expertise extends beyond technical proficiency, as he also possesses a keen awareness of the educational needs of professionals in the SPD field. With his commitment to ongoing learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends, Mr. McHugh is dedicated to leveraging technology and education to enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of sterile processing procedures.

Julia Greenspan

Julia Greenspan, MBA – Director of Sales Operations, Lazurite has experienced different facets of surgical services, starting her career as a sterile processing technician and staying connected to those roots throughout a dynamic 25-year career that has included surgical technologist, orthopedic trauma rep, orthopedic trauma educator, and director of sales operations. She is passionate about forging connections between SPD and OR departments, building bridges to improve patient care provide growth opportunities for staff.

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Adam Okada Headshot.jpg

Adam Okada

Adam Okada has 15 years of experience in Sterile Processing and is passionate about helping improve the quality of patient care by giving SPD Technicians greater access to education and information.  He has worked in just about every position in the Sterile Processing Department as a Case Cart Builder, SPD Tech I, II, and III, Lead Tech, Tracking System Analyst, Supervisor of both SPD and HLD, Manager, and now as an Educator.  He is the owner of Sterile Education, the world’s first mobile application dedicated to sterile processing education.  Adam is a Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark, former Clinical Manager at Beyond Clean, has published articles for IAHCSMM’s Process magazine, is a voting member of AAMI, and he also serves as the current President for the Central California Chapter of IAHCSMM

Sharon Greene-Golden

Sharon has extensive experience in healthcare, beginning as a Labor and Delivery Technician and then an Operating Room technician before transitioning to sterile processing and inventory management and serving as a CSD Manager. Sharon’s a consultant regarding sterilization processes at facilities across the U.S. and abroad and she’s participated in multiple volunteer missions to Bangladesh to treat indigent patients.

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