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WWSPP Presents Our
2023 Virtual Conference

Join us for our 3rd Annual Western Wisconsin Sterile Processing Professionals Virtual Conference. Sponsored by HSPA, offering 6 continuing education credits.

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A Very Special Thank You to Our Event Sponsors!

Saturday, August 5th, 2023

All times are in Central Time

Welcome & Opening Remarks Begin at 10 am CST 

Gus Vargas

Laser Marking Surgical Instruments from a Scientific Prospective



1. Review and Clearly understand the FDA UDI rule and who the rule is for.

2. Have a clear understanding of unique sequences on surgical instruments.

3. Stainless steel composition and the truth about the passive layer myths and facts.

4. Benefits and how to incorporate a marked instrument into a tracking system.

Jeff Wertz

Mastering Core Competencies



1. Discuss the difference between office evaluations and core competencies. 

2. Determine the key components that contribute to an effective competency. 

3. Review regulatory compliance and site survey preparedness

4. Evaluate and define the steps necessary to implement a competency.

Rick Dandrow

Water Management in Sterile Processing



1. Understand the importance of managing water in MOR.

2. Review the industry standards and guidance related to water & MOR: AAMI TIR 34, ANSI/AAMI ST91,  AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, and ANSI/AAMI ST 108 (Pending).

3. Evaluate key considerations for MOR operations to achieve alignment with published standards and guidelines.


Scotty Jones/Jake McHugh

SPD Cleaning Technology: A New Reality Emerges


1.  Using technology (VR Based) to ensure AAMI competency standards.

2.  Maximizing education and training efficiencies.

3.  Enhanced SPD productivity resulting in increased patient safety.

Networking & Games Break - 1pm to 1:20 pm 

Julia Greenspan

Looking Forward: Career Management for the SPD Professional



1. Understand the dynamics of networking within the perioperative environment 

2. Understand what industries and pathways exist for someone with SPD knowledge and experience

3. Create a personal growth plan and identify what opportunities exist

Adam Okada

Dishwasher or Detective? 

How We View Ourselves and its Professional Impact



1. Describe the history of sterile processing and the way we have been viewed in the past

2. Detail the ways that our profession has changed over the last 50 years

3. Explain industry direction and shape how we’re viewed in the future

Sharon Greene-Golden

The View from My Window



1. By looking retrospectively, discuss the present while postulating on the future

2. Embracing new technology to enhance our role as SPD professionals

3. Instill the importance of working on:

  • solidifying best practices with achieving and maintaining

  • required certifications

  • following Instructions for Use for Everybody (IFU)

  • Creating collaborations throughout the continuum of care

4. How EVERYTHING you do in sterile processing matters.

Closing Remarks and awards 3:55 pm to 4 pm
An extended networking session will run from 4 pm to 4:15 pm (optional).
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